Multiple people around the world have done well with their trading journeys, becoming some of the best online traders in existence. Some of them moved on to alternative careers, although the collection of people gathered together here remain as active and/or infamous traders. You never know, you might uncover them as being the best traders to follow on Twitter, too.

Would you like to involve yourself in trading and you’re looking for some inspiration? Here’s a few details on the best traders to ever exist.

Top 5 best traders ever

Richard Dennis

Richard Dennis became known in the trading world as a very successful commodities trader in Chicago. It is reported that he earned a huge $200 million in a 10-year period, making him one of the best traders ever.

Richard would go on to partner up with a man called William Eckhardt, and together, they created the mythical Turtle Trading experiment. Still, it remains true that Dennis is well-known in the trading world as one of the greatest.

William Delbert Gann

Living between 1878 and 1955, William Gann utilized market forecasting methods which depended upon ancient mathematics, geometry and astrology. It is this which made him one of the best traders on wall street.

In later years, he would write a number of books and courses surrounding trading, allowing others to follow his Gann angles and Square of 9 theories. There’s little doubt that Mr. Gann left his mark on the trading world.

Nick Leeson

When you’re known for being a rogue trader who caused the Barings Bank to collapse, you’ve definitely got something to feel proud of in the trading world. Although he did spend four years in a Singapore jail, he would spring back from this, moving on to become the CEO of Galway United – an Irish football club.

As one of the best traders in the world though, Leeson remains at large as an infamous name within the sector.

Jim Rogers

Born as James Rogers, Jr., he went on to become one of the founders of the Quantum Fund in the early 1970s, doing so alongside George Soros (another one of the world’s best traders ever). The Quantum Fund saw a massive increase of 4200% over a 10-year period, putting both he and Soros into the top 10 best traders.

Jim also operates as the Chairman of Rogers Holdings, and he is known for having multiple correct bullish calls on commodities during the 90s. He has also written several books relating to his travel adventures around the world.

Jesse Livermore

Mr. Livermore may have lived between 1877 and 1940, but he was known throughout this time for his huge gains (and losses) in trading. Jesse would successfully short the 1929 market crash, ensuring that he built up his own fortune to over $100 million.

While Jesse Livermore reaped the rewards of the crash – becoming known as one of the best traders ever in the process – he had lost all of his money by 1934. Tragically, he went on to take his own life in 1940.

Best Trading Sites online: reviews

What are the best locations to participate in trading? We’ll take a look at the best trading sites here and what’s so great about them. Read on!
Online trading is always going to be a popular activity to participate in – but how do you know what the best trading sites are? That’s where we come in. We’ve got details on some of the best online trading sites fore beginners, best trading advice sites, best trading sites in USA and much more. They’re all here for you to read about, so let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Ally Invest

There are several reasons why Ally Invest operates as one of the best trading stock sites, although its rock bottom rates and easy entry points stand out the most. The site doesn’t have any inactivity fee against its less-frequent users either, making it a perfect choice.

Ally’s $4.95-a-trade commission fee is one that saw many brokers drop their own fees so as to be able to effectively compete with the site in 2017. Not only that, but a multitude of stocks and ETFs exist for trading on at this site.


If you’re more of a cryptocurrency trader, then we’d recommend signing up to the Coinbase exchange to trade it. As one of the very best trading sites for cryptocurrency, Coinbase will provide you with all that you need. Further to that, it’s one of the best online trading sites for beginners.

The site has a very simple and clean layout, and it caters to customers from various locations, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore and the United States. Fees for buying with a credit card stand at 3.99%, while these are lower for buying with a bank transfer at 1.49%.

Varsity by Zerodha

Now, if you’re a newbie to trading, or even if you just want to top up your knowledge of it, then we’d suggest that you visit Varsity by Zerodha. This is one of the world’s best trading learning sites, meaning that you can acquire a significant amount of information about the industry there.

Whatever you want to learn about trading, you can bet that this site provides the information. Why else would it be considered one of the best trading information sites? You’ll learn a lot by accessing this website.


Would you like to involve yourself in stock trading more than anything else? Well, perhaps you’d better become a member of the E*Trade site. This has been featured on a large number of the best online trading site reviews, and with good reason.

The fact that it has excellent mobile apps and that it’s been around since 1982 as a business, are just the basics behind it. It serves about 3.6 million customers around the world, charges $6.95 for stock trades and provides discounts for active traders to benefit from.


If you’re looking for one of the best trading sites for bitcoin, then we’d definitely suggest that you check out Binance. It’s a good platform for both beginners and advanced users at the same time, which is one of the reasons that it’s been ruling over the crypto market for so long.

The exchange consistently ranks in the top 5 on CMC by volume, and if you use the site’s native BNB tokens during trading, you get a discount of up to 50% on trading fees.